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  • Does anyone know offhand if this works with the charging circuit on the ESP32 thing plus? I would like to monitor the charge on the ESP32 Thing Plus.

    It appears that I would connect the battery on the battery-in side and the sys-out to the ESP32 thing plus. That means I would need to find a 2 wire JST cable to connect between the ESP32 Thing plus and the Qwiic Fuel Gauge - MAX 17048 with appropriate Qwiic cables for the data transmission.

  • Can you use the QWIIC interface and pins 22-23 at the same time or are they wired together?

    Edit: After looking at the schematic, it appears that they are tied together.

  • I was hoping to find the device IV curves in order to help me calculate the appropriate resistor value for my planned circuit, I do not see them on the datasheets for the red, green or yellow LEDs and do not see a datasheet for the blue LED. Though given that PointyOintment provided useful experiment data it's at least a good place to start

  • Ahh ok, it must have been the viewing angle that made the Lithium Ion socket appear to me as an RJ45 ethernet jack. I didn't think that the socket would be that large. Thanks for the clarification.

  • I am looking at the picture and I see what appears to be an RJ45 ethernet jack on there, and do not see the socket for the battery like on the older model. Where can I attach a Lithium Ion Battery? Would like to know before I purchase for a practice project at home.

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