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  • Hi! excellent explanation Nick! Now I understand many things about how this panels work. Unfortunately I am not a C++ programmer and I can´t modify the library to adapt it to my needsI

    Dear member #1541733, I want to know if you are interested in share your modified files, I have a 16x32 1/4 scan panel too but Im having problems to make it work, I found at arduino´s forum someone who modified the Adafruit´s library too to work with 1/4 scan but it only partially works for me, the issue is the "y" axis is wrong on both rows of the panel, for example, if you draw a pixel at x=0, y=0 it appears at x=0, y=4, on the other hand if you draw the pixel x=0, y=4 it appears at x=0, y=0 and is the same with the lower row, if you draw a pixel at x=0, y=8, it appears at x=0, y=12 and if you draw a pixel at x=0, y=12 then it appears at x=0, y=8.

    If you write some text the letters are cutted by the half.

    The module has printed this model: YLR-P10RGB-3535-4S-V3.3

    I hope you can help me, it will be really appreciated.

    Thank you :-)


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