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  • A few questions:

    1) What are the specs of supported solar panels? The hookup guide says the SF small panel will work but that's listed as only having a 4.5V / 100mA output. How will that work if the minimum voltage rating for this board is 6V?

    2) Since the maximum charge current is 450mA, does that mean that only panels supplying less than 450mA of power should be used?

    3) Is it possible to use this as a general LiPo charging circuit, if the solar input is switched out for a wal-wart supplying >6V? If this would work, what would be the maximum current that could be supplied?

  • Does anyone have a typical hookup for this?

  • Just a note, DON'T USE the SPARKFUN 32K CRYSTAL for this board! It is way too big! Check out the 'Using the RTC' link above to see the recommended crystals. Sparkfun, any possibility of stocking the smaller crystals?

  • Is this version 1.2?

  • The pin-out link is broken.

  • Is it possible to connect Vin directly vs. using the USB connector? There appear to be 2 pin connections above the USB connector & below the charging LED -- Can a direct Vin be connected here? If so, what is the polarity of the pin connections? If this is possible, what is the high limit of the input voltage? What are the current limits? I'd like to power this from a 6V/100mA solar cell (possibly several in parallel to increase available current). Is this possible with this board?

  • Will this work with a 3.3V uC (MSP430) output? What are the voltage min/max voltage levels on the inputs? What about current requirements? Any help is appreciated.

  • Datasheet links appear broken. Links take me to a blank page. Can anyone help?

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