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  • I put up the code (main.c) and the Makefile on:
    and also an explanation of what I did with it: (see section Set up the Program)
    I think you should get 2Hz if you change
    if (Elapsedcount>=4)
    to 10 on line 71.
    Also I decided to make the uLog status LED blink five times during logging and then stop blinking after that to save battery. If you don’t want this you should be able to just delete the variable LEDcount on line 58 and also delete the if statement that starts on line 486 and all the lines involving LEDcount within that loop. If you set the logging frequency to be slower than 50Hz, the LED blinking frequency will also drop. For 5Hz, I get one blink every 20 seconds or so.
    I hope that helps!

  • I changed the code to log at 5Hz (but I can show you how to set it to any frequency), would that help? Let me know and I can send it to you.

  • Hey,
    Thanks for that!! Saved me a ton of trouble.

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