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  • Hey – maybe some of you know this already, but I haven’t seen anyone mention it here yet – since the firmware shipping on this module is > 6.11 now, you can do bluetooth HID with the standard BlueSMiRF now. I was thinking I’d have to buy different hardware to switch my project over from serial to HID… but no! Check out the HID Profile chapter of the AT Command Set Guide

    I just set my BlueSMiRF Silver up as an HID gamepad to interface with MaxMSP 7 on Mac. In command mode I did the following:

    S~,6  // Enables HID profile
    SM,6  // Automatically make connections // without using GPIO6
    SH,0219 //Force HID mode if GPIO11 is high on power-up,
        //Game Pad, do Send output reports, 
        //keep a history of 1 additional device to pair with if last one is not found
    R,1  // Reboot to use HID profile

    Then my I have my micro-controller (a teensy LC) write 8 bytes to the BlueSMiRF at a time for the gamepad raw report:

    0xFD, 0x06, X1, Y1, X2, Y2, buttons_0-7, buttons_8-15

    (positions of button and joystick segments are reversed in roving networks' documentation it seems)

    Using hi.tools instead of the Max’s built-in hi object, I can have a robust controller that auto re-connects within seconds if the connection is lost for some reason. Way better than serial where if the BlueSMiRF disconnected unexpectedly I would often have to restart Max and/or remove and re-pair the BlueSMiRF in the Bluetooth System Preferences pane before it would reconnect – neither of which are feasible during a performance, especially one where the laptop has to be left unattended.

  • Hey this looks really cool, but i have a couple questions.

    1. Since these are a special firmware, if they go out of stock, will they be replaced? Thinking of making multiple copies of a project down the line.

    2. I can’t figure out from the documentation if i can use any of the available HID profiles to get data from 10 analog sensors (8 or 10-bit) and 4 switches to a computer at once. The profiles they show in the docs don’t look capable of having that many independently labeled parameters. Has anyone done something like this? Thanks!

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