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  • You may not have the "successes" (however anyone wants to define that) of Silicon Valley, but you also don't have the spectacular failures of Silicon Valley either. And I think the graph showing the median rents shows why so much VC money goes to Silicon Valley...you have to make $250,000/year in order to live in a cardboard box out there.

    I say Silicon Valley can have their "success".

  • The google machine gave the following link as the first result when searching for "Victor 70C": link Note the very stylish color scheme on the Chinese version...

  • This was an incredibly cool event, thanks again to SparkFun for coming back to SXSW. My 7 year old daughter soldered for the first time (yeah!), and my 11 year old daughter, who is an old pro, had that thing whipped together in no time. After getting her code, she decided that the best use of her 10% discount was to buy a 3D printer; though she still hasn't figured out where she's going to get the other 90% (other than pointing at me!). Ah, nerd kids!

  • RevRobotics already has a breakout for the MXP port (and a RIOduino and ...). It's available through AndyMark and you might even be able to use your FIRST Choice credits for the purchase. Not saying that SparkFun shouldn't do a breakout board, but if this one fits the bill I'd suggest your time is better spent doing something unique instead of re-inventing the wheel.

  • Great response from SparkFun and handling by Nathan as the CEO. I'd be curious to know how the guy who made the mistake handled this. I've seen people make mistakes and spend a huge amount of energy trying to blame everybody but themselves, and it is very destructive to the organization (though that usually isn't seen from the outside). I'm certainly a member of the $40K club (having messed up some boot code in ROM that required a new chip spin…blew right by the $40K club with that one), but by simply owning up to my mistake it went away very quickly (and I learned that despite the great lengths I went to in testing, I clearly wasn't going far enough).

    Glad y'all lived, glad y'all learned, and hope to see as good or a better response (is that possible?) to the next mistake that y'all make (since like us, you're human).

  • I'm so glad you're not some stick-in-the-mud corporation that would refuse to say "more betterer".

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