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  • It would be cool to see some really long range walkie talkies with this module.

  • LoRa is great for long range long range (miles), low power (in sleep). Is "long range long range" a typo?

  • Yes, 1 Watt is a lot more power. The Rfm 9x on the pro rf is only 100mW. This thing is 10 TIMES MORE POWERFUL (but does not give you 10 times more distance) Also, SparkX made a board with this module a long time ago, but they retired it. I am glad they brought this BEAST back!

  • Wow! This is a cheap autoranging multimeter!

  • https://xkcd.com/2407/ Includes more search methods. 😀

  • It would be cool to train a machine learning model on these spam text snippets so that Sparkfun and other websites can block them.

  • I like that there is a buck-boost converter on this board. I would really like to see buck or buck-boost converters on future boards so that there is a little bit of added efficiency.

  • 2 name suggestions 1. Harry the Haptic Head 2. Darek Qwiinn Apollo (DA for DA7280 haptic driver; (re for Reynolds); K for KX13x accelerometer, Qwiinn as a reference to Qwiic, Apollo as a reference to the Artemis processor) 3. Artemis Foul (Artemis processor + foul-looking head (not saying the Artemis platform is foul) (Artemis Fowl is also a book character)) Also, is this post going to have the most comments out of any other Sparkfun post?

  • Adding a charger to this would be awesome! I would be able to add a LiPo with monitoring to any project!

  • This looks like a brushless DC fan. Most fans that I have seen for raspberry pi cooling use an integrated brushless motor controller. How do you control this fan?

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