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  • obviously controlling his energy has been the main hurdle in your harvesting efforts. I'll assume the smooth jazz you start piping into the room when he enters is your current best effort in preventing him from hulking out and tearing Mr Cowan's beard off. Smooth jazz is a great start, but just like a nuclear reactor you need to keep redundant fail-safes at the ready. You should also have on hand: chamomile tea; moving sparkfun's color from red to teal, episodes of '2 broke girls', and tofu.

  • sorry, you're right, I went a little too far. I'm sure the committee did their best and the selections are all good solid logos. I just feel that there are a couple of even better choices on the submissions page that didn't make the cut somehow

  • agreed... if you want the best design, invite a selection committee of the most instrumental people IN DESIGN, not electronics. Letting engineers choose your logo is like letting Helen Keller drive your car.

  • That sounds like a good project. This looks like three intro to electronics projects frankensteined together and presented as convergence. without any interaction between the elements it's two guys in burningman suits hitting a shuttlecock in front of a windows 95 screensaver. I don't get it. (if it weren't presented as art I'd be a lot more willing to focus on the "coolness")

  • EOM :)

  • I'm new to a lot of this electronics stuff, but an arduino is a usb programmer, regulated power, and an atmel chip all built into one board, yeah? I understand how it could be described as a stupid expensive waste of money, but I don't understand how it's "cheating"...
    For me it was a pretty easy and organic transition from arduino projects to programmer and $3 chip projects (and the occasional just-a-555 project). I don't think I would have gotten started without the all-in-one-package simplicity of the arduino.

  • on the product page you link to the manufacturer says it's priced at $49. wish I'd done more research before I made an $8 donation to your cause :)

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