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  • I peeled mine off, they seem to be working just fine.

  • Great little device. I will be using these when ever the application calls for 7 segment displays. I was concerned about some of the poor ratings on this product, but decided to try it any way. I was able to get the product to work both on Serial and SPI. The project I was working was time sensitive, so I decided to use SPI because it took less time to send the data to the diplay. I started to see some of the problems that others were complaining about after I turned off some of the debugging lines of my application. After systematically enabling parts of my debugging routine I found that my Slave Select (CSN) pin was not turning off quickly because it was picking up crosstalk from ungrounded wires leading out to the display. Once I properly grounded my wires the display works great. No dings to the others that gave poor reviews but it is working great for me. As for the stand-off mounts, I’d like to have them so I’ll have to wait until revison 3.

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