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  • Pololu did a decent writeup about this sort of issue quite a while back, and Linear put out a great app note about the same sort of thing.

    Short version: bodge a cheap, low-grade electrolytic in parallel with the ceramic cap whose inrush is causing the overshoot. The high ESR gets you a nicely damped circuit without having to run the load current through a resistor. Be very cautious about this if you're powering projects with individual leads instead of a two-conductor cable; the larger loop area brings a lot more inductance to the party and requires more damping.

  • If you can tolerate running an extra wire to each ADC, you can run as many of those ADS1015s as you like on one bus. That part watches its ADDR line continuously, so you can use it like a chip select -- drive one low and talk to 0x48, while all the others have their ADDR lines high and are listening for 0x49.

  • Well done. Now combine that with, oh, say an EasyVR shield taught to recognize "Bl├╝cher."

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