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  • I had a feeling that new corporate public pillorying clause would be bad for us. I said it but, nooooooo, you just wouldn't listen to me.....

  • Has anyone tried reading data from the logomatic with an arduino? I want to use this board to log input from its native ADC lines at about 10Hz and then, about once an hour or every couple of hours, read all of the stored data via an arduino and send the data lines on to a radio to be telemetered out. The logomatic seems designed primarily to take data in from the ADC or from something like an arduino but USB to a PC is the method to read it back out. Has anyone read from it via arduino? How difficult is it to implement?
    I would also need the ability to clear stored files in the logomatic via the arduino. It is my understanding that the logomatic starts a new active file any time the power cycles. If I have a power cycle event, I would prefer to just wipe the logs and start over rather than try to keep track of what file is active and what other files may have data not telemetered out. I would even look to wipe the file storage after every telemetry session and always be filling the same file.
    Has anyone tried anything similar? Is it possible?

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