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  • You can connect this Motor's wires to EasyDriver 4.4 like this:
    Yellow motor wire to EasyDriver A (left side)
    Orange wire to ED A (right side)
    Brown wire to ED B (left side)
    Black wire to ED B (right side)
    works great for me.

  • Thanks for posting the link to this. For newbies out there like me, buy the Sparkfun evaluation shield.

  • Can a future version include breakouts to connect to the non-power pins of a mini USB? Then I can use this to also transfer data.

  • Thanks for saving me the $10. Do you know of a good, small antenna that will work with this GPS?

  • I have this GPS and the antenna you reference and the combo works great - even in my garage in Redondo Beach (Los Angeles, CA).

  • I bought this antenna and it works in my garage in Los Angeles:
    I also traveled to San Diego and the antenna/GPS combo worked on the entire road trip (a buddy double checked my lat/long coordinates with Google Maps as I drove). If you are working with Arduino I have some advice: TinyGPS and NewSoftSerial libraries work great with this GPS unit.
    I also bought the following antenna and it doesn't work with this GPS:
    Way too small to pickup a signal in my garage and when I walked around the block it still couldn't pick up GPS the signal (didn't work even immediately after successfully using my other antenna). Maybe I gave up too early. I'm going to purchase the longer version of this one and see if it works.

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