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  • Hi, no problem I will look at putting together a better report on it for github. I have found that it compiles fine for the Uno and Nano etc. However due to the limited memory of those boards I chose to upgrade to a Nano Every which runs off the ATMega4809 AVR processor. I have read articles online about this processor being incompatable with some OLED libraries like the Adafruit ones. There was a mention of it being something to do with bit shifting or something along those lines.

    If any of this has given you any ideas let me know. I will work on getting a proper report for github now.

  • Hi, does anyone know if the libraries for this board work with the arduino nano every? I appear to be having several issues compiling the test scripts. After a clean install I am still getting this error :

    "Multiple libraries were found for "hyperdisplay.h" Used: C:\Program"

    If anyone has any suggestions to resolve this issue could you let me know. The issue also persists for four other libraries. Wire, SPI and the other two hyperdisplay libraries needed for this component.

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