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  • I have a couple of those old redbot with those old wheels as well, but also have a couple of this encoders. I am struggling to put them to work. Would it be possible you guys can get me the mechanical size of the new wheels , I would try to cnc them, I appreciate if you can give me a hand on this.

  • Update: At the end I got it! I don't know the exact reason but it is the programmer. Before I was about to give up I remembered I had an old avrisp MK1 so I decided to give a try (http://www.atmel.com/tools/MATUREAVRISP.aspx) and It worked!!

    I think is a voltage issue of some kind. This is a note from pololu product page: "The programmer is powered by the 5V USB power bus, and it is intended for programming AVRs that are running at close to 5 V (note that the programmer does not deliver power to the target device)."

  • Does anybody have been able to re-program the firmware? I am using Pololu USB Avr Programmer and I have'nt been able to. It can't read the device signature .

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