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  • Awesome! The resistor kit has really come in handy - so much easier than trying to guess what resistors/capacitors you'll need when ordering

  • I have one of these connected to an Arduino and have used the SoftwareSerial library to communicate with it. I haven't touched the hardware or the sketch in a couple weeks, but when I fired it up it wasn't working. Before printing a new message I was using available() and read() to make sure the printer was ready and not already printing, but now those are both returning false. I'm wondering if the TX on the printer has died. Has anyone else had issues with the TX on these?

  • Just for reference, once mounted on my Duemilanove board, the ethernet port sits roughly 10cm behind the USB port. Not a huge deal - the pins still line up so the shield is usable - but my plans of building a box and having the ethernet and USB ports accessible are a bit squashed.

  • Has anyone been able to get a bitmap image to print? A number of comments suggesting it isn't exactly straight forward. And if anyone has, can you post a photo of the printed bitmap? The product image shows the Sparkfun logo printed, but zooming in shows it's just ASCII art.

  • The datasheet mentions 8 and 10 position versions as well. Any chance you'll be offering the 10 position anytime soon?

  • What's the simplest way to convert a high/low signal to serial so I can send it with this transmitter. Want my transmitter circuit to be as physically small as possible, so don't really want to use a whole microcontroller

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