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  • Just for reference, once mounted on my Duemilanove board, the ethernet port sits roughly 10cm behind the USB port. Not a huge deal - the pins still line up so the shield is usable - but my plans of building a box and having the ethernet and USB ports accessible are a bit squashed.

  • Has anyone been able to get a bitmap image to print? A number of comments suggesting it isn’t exactly straight forward. And if anyone has, can you post a photo of the printed bitmap? The product image shows the Sparkfun logo printed, but zooming in shows it’s just ASCII art.

  • The datasheet mentions 8 and 10 position versions as well. Any chance you’ll be offering the 10 position anytime soon?

  • What’s the simplest way to convert a high/low signal to serial so I can send it with this transmitter. Want my transmitter circuit to be as physically small as possible, so don’t really want to use a whole microcontroller

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