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  • Thanks! I have just confirmed that as well.

    I found more information in the document about the extended ST command set. www.scantool.net/scantool/downloads/98/stn1100-frpm.pdf

    It looks like the configuration was customized for SparkFun, maybe by SF ou by ScanTool themselves. The ST MFR command returns 'SparkFun Electronics', so maybe SF asked for a 9600bps default for UART.

    btw-I just upgraded the firmware to version v3.1.0 and set the default UART speed to 38400. I can read much more PIDs/sec now :)

  • If this board is built around the STN1110, and the default UART baud rate of the STN1100 is 38400, how come the default in this board is 9600? I'm having an hard time trying to raise the UART baud rate, none of the methods 'AT BRD' or 'AT PP 0C'. The ST commands don't seem to work also. STI returns the dreaded '?' char.
    Is this board really using an STN1100 or is it some clone?

  • Do that cars and cable have pin 7 connected? You need pin 7 (K-Line) for this interface.

  • Any chance of a yet to come ODB Arduino Shield? Like the CANBUS shield but arround this STN1110. The CANBUS shield does not suport OBD-II K-Line protocol.
    This STN1110 would be a better choice for that shield, as it supports all OBS protocols.

  • Yes they are. I was hopping they were just plugged into an header.

    • Power can supply to Arduino by sub-D via resettable fuse and reverse polarity protection.
      Does this mean that the Arduino can be powered by this shield from the +12V of the OBD interface? No external power needed?
      That's just awesome!