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  • Not true. As far as I understood, none of the 20 people who got their data handed off where breaking the law and they are now in a police database. That said, I think Sparkfun’s response was better than the alternative in any conceivable way.

  • Yes, the example is correct :) And the leds are probably 1.7v.

  • The 936 is about 100 U$S here, and it doesn’t have the sparkfun logo! Getting it from you (including shipping) is actually cheaper than getting it here. +1 to get them in 220V.

  • Is the example photo correct? I found a possible error (the resistor from the switch should be connected to ~3.8V according to the schematic, and it’s instead connected to ground… although it’s partially blocked by a white cable, so that may be an incorrect assumption from my part). Also, are the leds 3.3V? In theory the power from the module is ~3V, but that’s not what I’m reading. Thanks! J

  • Also, I could do that… but I prefer to do my impulse shopping by myself. Letting a robot do it for me is too impersonal :)

  • And back in stock, and ordered! :) SparkFun is the greatest.

  • I wasn’t fast enough, but my confidence level in sparkfun’s ability to deliver is greatly increased after seeing the restocking. Back to autonotify :)

  • There’s a button up there, right below “Add to Wishlist”. You probably need to be logged in to see it.

  • Cool! Autonotify will let me know when I have to buy. Thanks.

  • I want this, but with capacitors. Please?

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