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  • News - According to Pete - The T… | about a year ago

    Pete, is the code for this project available ? How much current does it take ? Can you send one or more free ? I think the micro has to stay perfectly still as you accelerate or Brownian motion will disrupt any helpful flow. Edison (mostly marketing) got all of his best ideas from his lab genius Charles Batchelor (Tesla’s bud). Instead of a cube, I’d like to try your schematic out with a Lissajous sphere as one MUST obey Paschen’s law or the Townsend discharge will ionize in a way that doesn’t take advantage of the valence bands energy gap. If you want to witness this phenomena, just put some color changing UV sensitive filament in your 3D printer and make a Faraday cage for any ol' Coulomb counting amplifier and operate it just before saturation. Busey has a lovely smile but his logic is suspect.

  • News - According to Pete - DIY G… | about 2 years ago

    Sweet video Pete ! We’d love to see your code… EQ chip is compelling. Thanks for sharing.

  • News - March Caption Contest | about 2 years ago

    You want reflow ?! I’ll show you reflow…

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