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  • One point missing in the advantages of open source hardware (well, open hardware is already good for that aspect) is when viewed from the end users side of things.
    I know quite a lot of people who would rather buy some hardware that is sure to work flawlessly with open source OSes ; I have the feeling that it very well may be the same in the near future for OSHW itself: those things would be easier to upgrade, repair, interoperate, … and these are huge advantages IMO.
    Two other things I really liked in Lady Ada talk (a must see) on the subject :
    - OSHW helps building a community
    - OSHW helps people making better designs and learn
    Well, this comment doesn’t really help on the topic of the current draft, but I guess it is important to think about how and why one would even get into OSHW.
    Anyway, I’m really eager to see what OSHW will evolve to, and I want to be a part of it :)

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