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  • News - Open Source Hardware | about 4 years ago

    One point missing in the advantages of open source hardware (well, open hardware is already good for that aspect) is when viewed from the end users side of things.
    I know quite a lot of people who would rather buy some hardware that is sure to work flawlessly with open source OSes ; I have the feeling that it very well may be the same in the near future for OSHW itself: those things would be easier to upgrade, repair, interoperate, … and these are huge advantages IMO.
    Two other things I really liked in Lady Ada talk (a must see) on the subject :
    - OSHW helps building a community
    - OSHW helps people making better designs and learn
    Well, this comment doesn’t really help on the topic of the current draft, but I guess it is important to think about how and why one would even get into OSHW.
    Anyway, I’m really eager to see what OSHW will evolve to, and I want to be a part of it :)

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