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  • Thank you very much for the pointer.

    I was confused; the Hookup Guide on this page says we need a XBee explorer and the XBee shield to test the connections but did not give any explanation on the necessary connections.

    Are there any tutorials or guides to setup the shield connections?

  • I assembled a prototype for kirlian photography using this sensor and Arduino. I was able to read the temperature in the serial console and used the Java software for visualization from

    Unfortunately, the results are not as clean as I expected. I see a big blob of colors rather than object silhouette. Is there any specific distance for this sensor to get optimal results?

  • I just assembled the headers to the shield this morning. When I use it with the Arduino Uno, Xconnect can find the radio device. I tried the XBee modules with the XBee explorer and they are recognized immediately. Tried with the UART switch in both positions; no luck. Am I missing any steps to assembling the shield?

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