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  • …And this is your plane on drugs.

  • The data sheet and this:

    Is all you really need and should be linked from this page.

  • “A robin feathering his nest Has very little time to rest While gathering his Bits of twine and twig Though quite intent in his pursuit He has a merry tune to toot He knows a song Will move the job along”

  • The best one I ever did: We saw someone using a small portable TV outside a window (NTSC at the time). We grabbed a signal generator and quickly found out the frequency for the channel he was watching. We would jam his TV, and get him to adjust the position and his antenna and then turn the siggen off. We had fun making him do all kinds of contortions to get his signal back.

  • The two wire pins SCL and SDA don’t really matter since they are directly connected to A4/A5 on the analog side of the board.

  • Does the piezo buzzer on this allow me to play tunes, or just output a single tone?

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