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  • i'm a bit partial to sparkfun, so before i buy, what are the differences between the chronodot 2.1 breakout and this ds3234 breakout?

    i see the pins are a bit different, headers soldered on, a batt is provided, sram, i2c vs spi.

    i guess its a matter of i2c vs spi and form factor & the price diff?

  • guess me eyes are tripping me up, a meter shows they are correct resistance. my mistake

  • my kit came with 3 10k R's, versus 2, so i'm missing the 120 R for R9. not a big deal.
    and for R11, the color bands on this R is [orange,orange black, green, brown], which equals [33M 1%t], not 3.3M as noted in the spec sheet. my eyes could be tripping me up though. ;-)
    cap meter v2.0

  • is the 28-pin socket for this a standard 28-pin? never used a atmel chip before. before i head to fry's wanted to be sure what to get.

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