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  • I’m using this without an Arduino, and mounted a MAX232 (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/316) in the experimental section. I now have a nice module to which you apply power (3.3v and 5v both work!) and RS232 serial data, attach a speaker, and you get speech! Here’s my simple Python code to drive it:
    import serial,time
    def phrase(a):
    return ‘’.join([chr© for c in a])
    aybabtu=phrase([20, 96, 21, 114, 22, 88, 23, 5, 8, 135, 8, 146, 5, 128, 153, 5, 170, 154, 8, 188, 5, 152, 5, 170, 8,128,146,8,135,8,144,5,8,191,162,5,8,134,187])
    sounds=phrase([200, 201, 202, 203, 220, 221, 222] * 10)
    class speakjet(object):
    def init(self,port=‘/dev/ttyAM1’):
    def say(self,s):
    def close(self):
    if name==‘main’:

  • The data sheet for this device says that:
    “Sending the reset display command, 0x76, will clear
    the display and set the cursor to the first digit."
    However, I want to send 0x7B 0x76 (which should illuminate a capital "H” on the first digit because 0x76 is the correct segment bit pattern. However, in the source, one can see that the check for blanking (0x76) is made before the “digit control” check.
    I’d call that a bug. One can easily work around it, but it’d be a good idea to fix it in a later rev of the firmware.

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