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  • I've owned this product for a few weeks now. It shows an incredible compatibility with most beverages, it seems to have positively effected my geek-rating, and is totally RoHS compliant (no dangerous levels of lead in my coffee)...
    I did have to add cream and sugar for my application, so it'd be nice to see a break-out board with those components integrated. Great part, though, and I may buy some more (you know, so I can network them.)

  • turn to face crowd
    Well, there you have it, folks.

  • Does the Maestro? No. in the same way the Arduino isn't a microcontroller. But just like the AVR on the 'Duino, the PIC on the Maestro is unquestionably a microcontroller ;)

  • Tough crowd.
    Gotta say though, I'm impressed after reading a little more closely. I have, of course, seen the WiiMote whiteboard project (uses the same IR Marker "Technology") And that is VERY cool. However, if I'm not mistaken, it does require special software. What do you get for special software? Well, the ability to track multiple points, so the whiteboard could potentially be multi-touch.
    The reason this project is impressive is because all of the tracking and signal conversion happen outside of the computer in the ARM processor. The box actually tracks the IR point, saves the calibration data, and converts the clicks into standard mouse coordinates. While multi-touch couldn't be achieved in this way, and while it isn't the most impressive technology (it's been done, and done.) it is a very impressive implementation of hardware controllers, and THAT is why it's here.
    Plug'n'play, hardware-based configuration, works reasonably well, universal (works with anything that uses a standard mouse)... aside from the fact that whenever the projects done they'll probably be charging an impractically large sum for it, it's pretty nifty.

  • yes.

  • Thanks, I try. lol

  • Grover probably could use to be anchored with a fishing sinker, though. If the guy just ran a line from his bum to the ground and put a little weight on it it would stop the shakes and makes his other movements more pronounced. Still, I gotta say that Grover's Groovin' with the best of 'em, certainly the most convincing person I've ever seen dancing to "Safety Dance"
    (although he's no Sony QRIO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_0I4nr4u3A)
    (Shoot, this is gonna be a huge post now but i gotta say it... The Music Playing alarm clock guy, not even 5 seconds in, reminds me so much of Mark from SLC Punk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZAjHrL3iHA)

  • Aw guy... I enjoy other peoples' misfortunes as much as anyone (maybe more) but...
    you're about to get flamed so hard.
    EDIT: See?

  • ...I wonder how often the term "relatively hopping" has been applied to the high-tech industry

  • Those are so... freakin'... cool.
    I mean, They'd be a great desk toy, for when you've got a mental block you need to work out (product name: Mental Blocks? lol) I think I'd probably get a bit annoyed with them because they seem too "smart" for someone who already knows robotics, like they have their own idea of how they should work when you put them together. I love it though, and you gotta love anything that snaps together with little magnets, I've been designing some pins and ribbon cables that snap together with magnets for prototyping.
    definitely clicking around the mod robots site.

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