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  • this GPU is VERY slow and VERY badly documented, the manuals having many faults. if you are thinking of using this for rendering even NES-like game graphics, don't consider this at all.

    after a week of trial and error, you can actually do some useful stuff with it. playing animated .gif files is one of the coolest, especially knowing you can play sound while this happens for playing video (haven't tested this yet, may lag too much to be useful).

    SD functions are quite limited too, you can't put or use files inside folders.

    so, I sort-of regret buying this, but I'm going to try to make the best thing I can with this. already have a colourful command-prompt thing working!

  • so...since when can kids under 8 even build robots?

  • a little, or very very late, but the part name is LCD-16X2 in eagle. or you can do a search like 16X2

  • darn! I sold my broken RC helicopter last year, although the RC part was probably fine. if only I knew about this...

  • i have a few questions:
    do you need to solder headers to connect that cable?
    do you only need 3 wires(+,-,UART)?
    can you just send data to the thing without having to worry about cursor posisions and that weird stuff? (Serial.println("stuff4line1");?
    if it does do that, and you go over 4 lines, does it clear the screen or shift up all the text?

  • help, i cannot operate this servo.
    every time i send a pulse to it, it simply jolts in one direction. no matter what that pulse is! using ardurino and a variety of pulses. even:
    does the same thing, or
    i have this in a loop and it only jolts 1ce, then not even resetting makes it work again, only re-uploading the code or removing and re-applying power.

  • i cant run the windows driver on windows 7,it thinks its a security catalog.<br />