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  • Actually UV light IS radiation. Gamma radiation and UV radiation are both electromagnetic radiations. The difference is that Gamma radiation has higher frequency 10^20Hz vs. 10^16Hz of Ultraviolet.

  • I've now had 2 of these units. The first one had a unresponsive ITG-3200, so I contacted Sparkfun and was told to send the unit in for testing, then they would send me a replacement. However, since they were out of stock I had to wait a while.
    Yesterday, I got the replacement unit and immediately hooked it up to my test rig. This time, both the ADXL345 and the HMC5843 was unresponsive. Although, the ITG-3200 worked fine.
    Is there something in the making of these units that fry the chips or something?
    At least I know that my test code works for all tree chips....

  • It is so small!
    I have been trying to go smaller and smaller on my own quads, but my smallest one is still somewhat bigger than the CrazyFlie.
    The design might be a bit more robust to crashes, though.

  • I am also in Tokyo, and have one unit in backorder. It would be interesting to set up a couple of these in a network, to use as an "early warning system".
    Hope they get the units back in stock soon.

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