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  • Also note that this appears to be a client only device. You can’t call it up and tell it to do something. Don’t expect a full TCP stack.

    That's not correct. It's not a client only device! As of firmware 4.00, it can work as an access point and even a router, albeit limited to 4 client devices only. You can absolutely call it up and tell it to do something. I do it all day long. It has a full TCP stack.

  • iPhone support.

    Just a note for those looking for a simple iPhone to Wifly link app solution. I have made an iPhone transmit app that sends simple ASCII string commands to a Wifly radio, for robotics remote control applications. It's Star Wars themed (since it's for controlling an R2-D2 robot!), but since you can customize the button labels and command strings, you could use it for other applications or for quick testing. This is send only. It's on the app store, called "R2 Touch". Link below:

    On my web site ( there is also an example configuration of the Wifly for creating an ad-hoc network for the iPhone to connect to, which was actually the difficult thing to figure out.

    There is also another more generic iPhone test Wifly app that lets you send data from a console-style interface. This one sends and receives, and also discovers nearby Wiflys from their UDP broadcast. It's called WiFlyClient, made by the Wifly manufacturer Roving Networks.

  • On Mac OS X using AVRDude from within Eclipse (with AVR plugin and CrossPack-AVR) works like a charm, no driver needed! Just plug and go. On Windows XP Eclipse (with WinAVR), you need to install the driver. But I first got an error where it couldn't find the USBTiny. If I unplug and replug the programmer, it works for a while. Then it won't find it again. A simple unplug-replug will make everything work again. Haven't tested under Linux yet. Overall I love it, with the unintrusive small form factor, has both ISP plugs, and target power. Makes things so much easier!

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