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  • Note there is now XCTU software for the Mac:

  • I’ll just weigh in that I recently finished a project with the imp to control a motorized gauge over wifi to display some data. The experience was very good. Having attempted the same project a while back using Arduino and a WiFi shield, this was a much better experience for me personally because Squirrel is a language I prefer for its high-level functions; also, I could push data to the device using a Raspberry Pi instead of having to pull reams of XML and then filter out the few bytes I needed using C like with the Arduino. The networking configuration worked great. The optical means of configuring the device with the SSID and password is an elegant solution to that problem. I’m really looking forward to trying out the other port functionality beyond the PWM feature I’m using now. If you don’t like working with bleeding-edge technologies from a new company, then don’t jump in now, because things are moving quickly.

    Bottom line: this is like most any technology, it’s great for what it’s designed for. And if you have concerns about the ecosystem then just use something else.

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