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  • WORD OF ADVICE: This shield can draw up to 2000mA during Tx. I reccommend using a power supply of at LEAST 2A+ (I am going to buy a 2.5A). I am almost positive that this will solve many problems that people are having as most people use USB or the typical 1A supply. <br />
    <br />
    This board should not even be attempted to be powered via the USB for anything other than programming (USB = only 500ma) and it seems that a lot of people’s initial problems of not getting a good signal (+SIND: 11) would be solved by using the appropriate power supply.<br />
    <br />
    I also reccommend resoldering the antenna before even attempting to use this board as you can strip and solder a stronger connection. Also, you DO NOT need the “SMA to u.FL” connecter as stated as there is not a u.FL connector, BUT you DO need the “CEL-00675 Quad-band Cellular Duck Antenna SMA”<br />
    <br />
    Even after resoldering the antenna, it is still a very delicate connection and must be handled gently. To remedy this, I will be ordering a “U.FL SMD Connector WRL-09144” to solder to the board AND THEN I WILL NEED THE “WRL-09145 Interface Cable SMA to U.FL” to connect to it, that way if the antenna gets yanked, i don’t have to have my soldering equipment there to deal with it. <br />
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