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  • Hi!
    I have been thinking on one of those "existential" problems, trying to figure out "where does the PCB manufactures cut the PCB"... the dimension outline have a width, my best guess it that they cut the PCB "in the middle" of the line, but I'm unsure of it. I'm using KiCAD and default PCB edge width is ~0.38mm.... not that it is huge, but PCB size would vary slightly if you were to cut inside, outside or in the middle of the line.
    Can anyone share your experience on this? (just curious),

  • I just wanted to take the quiz.... I was logged in 2 hours before the event, and was checking... around 10 minutes before start: it collapsed.
    I got logged out (which is weird), then it took almost 5 minutes to log in again (after I got logged out), and was unable to see a single quiz question :( , even though I went directly to the quiz page (thanks to IRC page), I was unable to see the free_day page at all.
    Can you, people from SparkFun, make the quiz available so that we can take it? don't give any price, I don't mind, I just think it can be good and educational.

  • 30 minutes to go!

  • hi!
    Can, anyone, comment on the PCB mounting holes size for this box? (the Eurocard sized PCB).
    That size should go on the "PCB Size format" document (please, Sparkfun, can you update that one?).
    There was a comment by EmbeddedMan on December 6, 2009 at 9:21 PM that suggest .125" dia holes for this: can somebody confirm this?
    From the box's tech drawing, I could think of ~.12" holes, but I'm a little unsure (I still don't have one of these).

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