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  • At 1:23 of the electricute video, Nick pressed the arm of R2D2, which, by paint, is not connected to the rest of the robot, how does this work?

  • In figure 2, you conclude

    0xC (Decimal 12) is divisible by 3, thus 0x5CAF is not divisible by 3.

    I believe you meant to say the opposite, because 0x5CAF is indeed divisible by 3, it becomes 0x1EE5.

  • There is just no reasonable way to ensure the safety of the spectators.

    Sure there is, look at hockey or nascar, just put all spectators in a giant domed chain-link fence, and call it say… THUNDERDOME! But in all seriousness, maybe a seperate event for the aerial guys in another location on another day?

    +1 for the non-gps idea!

  • cool!

  • sweet! This going to be so valuable as time goes on.

    As far as “If you have any ideas for allowing anyone to write reviews without having a bunch of bogus reviews in the system, please comment below!” It’s possible people like myself, have received some sparkfun products from a competition, hacker event, etc, and could have a valuable review - immediately I think of implementing a sort of “proof you have it” like a code written on the PCB silk screen like a serial number - but this is only going to work for red boards, and isn’t backwards compatible. Instead I would require an account, with a purchase history > 0, to write a review for something not in their purchase list, and maybe add a “Where did you get this” field that has a minimum amount of words requirement as well.

  • This is the earliests post I’ve ever seen from you guys! EST here, I’m used to having to wait until NOON for more sparkfun goodness!

    EDIT: Holy cow great deals!

  • I spent 10 years as a wood flooring mechanic, for proper stain “soaking” you need an evenly sanded surface. Depending on the wood, 80-100 grit finish sanding is usually what does the trick. The hard and soft grain differences of pine will still mean different colors, but it should not be blotchy like the milled surface will cause. The stain should be wiped on, left to sit for a few minutes (unless it is ebony - sometimes a full day is required), then wiped off. Good choice on Minwax, still my favorite brand of stain. Also, great desk build!

  • random product is picked and explained how it works

    This could also involve a demonstration, or a reuse of said random product in an unusual way, like some of the amazing pranks you guys have done over the years.

  • Knowing those peltier TECs, I see exactly why you call it the dangerous box, because the TEC will overheat and destroy itself in short order without and heatsinking on whichever side is currently the hot side.

  • I think brick and mortar is just too much overhead, seriously. I envision a successful fork of this idea would be like RedBox and Bitcoin ATMs, a Sparkfun Vending machine, at the more popular electronic hacker/maker spaces and some universities. They could even easily convince customers like us (the hardcore ones that read every article and comment, hah) to do the stocking for them, in return for small ($50-100?) digital vouchers of free products, (that could be used online or in the vending machine)

    The best way to do this would be with bitcoin so the guy who stocks the machine doesn’t have to deal with money. But alas, we don’t wanna run into legal issues with sparkfun registering to be a money transmitter in every state, hopefully before this idea completes itself, the laws will clear up and Lawsky will stop using Windows XP.

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