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  • What is the BCM abbreviation to expansion. Bit Count Monitoring or another etc . what ? I want to extensive research, but always find healt information as body and heart . Or can you send a link .

  • The information conflicts with the adafruit library or wrong. adafruit library save data


    small b = bottom, small t = top , P0d = Panel 0 data;

    So , According to adafruit, first side 8bit (left side 3 bit) down-row section data, then (right) upper-section-row data. sample. if you want to turn on the first led red at the top of the panel ,you should type -> 00000100. If you want to turn on the first LED of the down-row section in red, you should type -> 00100000.

    and Plane 0 data ordering false (for adafruit library).

    plane1 data |x|x|x|x|x|x|P0bBd|P0bGd|

    plane1 data |x|x|x|x|x|x|P0bRd|P0tBd|

    plane1 data |x|x|x|x|x|x|P0tGd|P0tRd|

    P0bRd = Plane 0 bottom Red databit

    P0tBd = Plane 0 top Blue databit

    Other side ; excellent explanation Nick! thank you. Because this information , made me understand RGB panels. like that, I even started to find mistakes. :) :)

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