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  • If anyone’s curious, I answered my question by experimentation. I have wall wart labelled as 9V, with output that I measured as 13V. Plugging it into the power supply, the power LED didn’t even turn on. But nothing broke, so I can confirm an earlier post that a 5V wall wart is able to run the supply at 3.3V

  • This may be a noobish question, but when it says it takes a 6-12V input, does that mean actual voltage or nominal voltage? That is, is it saying I can plug in a 9V unregulated adaptor that could waver between 6 and 12V? Or is it saying I can plug in a 12V unregulated adaptor even if it wavers higher than 12V?

  • Is SFE planning to stock the Nano? I’d like to be able to drop it in a breadboard. I guess I could just add pins to the Pro Mini, but I like that the Nano has the FTDI built in (also that it’s solderless). I dislike that the Nano uses FTDI instead of the new chip in the Uno, but I’m willing to pay that price for breadboarding.

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