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  • I'm running a test with a pro mini doing a blnk test and a PRT-00341 Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 850mAh, charging from a USB port.. The first few charge cycles I could run the board while charging, and the charge would go to complete and the charger LED would go out. Now, each time, it doesn't quite make it. The LED does not go out. 4 or 5 charge cycles have been this way. Would this be a charger design or a battery problem? If I were to plan a product around this, would I have to put the pro mini in a low power mode while charging in order for the charge to complete in this configuration?

  • See above, I posted twice by mistake.. I though my post would be at the top so I thought I lost it.

  • Made a comment I can't delete. Moved it to PRT-10161 where it belonged. Issue with charging LED not going out, see other post. May or may not apply to this model.

  • Does this have HID software in it too? I'm assuming so due to the firmware version level. I think anything over 6.11 has HID options. But I need to know bcause if it does it would perform double duty: the application switch to SPP mode to allow download of code and could switch to HID mode to become a keyboard device... no need for two radios. (Of course in HID mode I'd loose the serial monitor capability... though under sever error codition it could switch back to SPP and dump a message)

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