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  • i have this and it works for most if not all 9v li-ion rechargeables it's cheap and it is (so far at 8 months) very reliable not to mention pretty much all tenergy does is batteries and R/C batteries so its a pretty good bet they are quality batt cells and chargers


  • can i use this with a 3.7 lipo and a COM-11288 heating panel or with the regs overheat?

  • i'm prototyping a product i'm looking to sell; can these be pulsed to maintain a lower heat temp? and can these be resized or folded rather tightly (say around the inner diameter of a 9mm pistol grip?) also whats the lowest voltage these can run off of? would a 3.7v CR123a cell be sufficient if the capacity is high enough?

  • can these be put in series to output at least 12-14 volts?

  • does anyone make a vertical coin cell holder for this battery?

  • actually that's not true you can ship batteries via usps as long as the combined Mah capacity doesnt go over 3000mah and you dont require air shipping (i.e. non international mail only)

  • Are there any plans to stock x10 mcx o-scope probes for the quad at sparkfun? if not are there any places besides seeed studio to get them?

  • just means that nothing has been paired to it yet pair it to any bt host device and then enter command mode it should then work

  • yes this would work for that depending on the voltage of the signals you might not need level shifters. as for the set up commands no the radio wont be able to do any because it doesnt have the commands for this module, however this module can be remotely configure via the tablet if you have a terminal program on it that can do serial ports and custom commands

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