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  • Disregard, for future reference I got it working with luma and the luma.examples directory:

    cd luma.examples/examples
    python3 demo.py --interface gpio_cs_spi --display ssd1309 --gpio-chip-select 8
  • Hi, my apologies for sending this during the holidays. I also posted this in the technical forum, but I will here as well as it seems to be among the same caliber as other questions here. I have a TOLED Display(LCD-15173)* which I am trying to operate over SPI with a Raspberry Pi Zero W. I previously had configured this with an Arduino nano. I cannot get it to work with the given python code (which I changed to SPI)** though. I have this code on my Raspi and it is wired up in the diagram below, yet there is nothing showing on the screen. I do not believe this to be a mechanical connector issue or such, but possibly something with this Python code or the overall setup. Do I need to define any pins in this code or anything like that? Are there any other ways to get the Pi to work with this? This Pi is actually running a Google Voice AIY with a bonnet, but I don't think that's an issue since it communicates via I2C***. Thanks!

    *https://www.sparkfun.com/products/15173 **https://www.crystalfontz.com/blog/transparent-oled-on-raspberry-pi/ ***https://aiyprojects.withgoogle.com/voice/

    CS->SPI CE0 (pin 24, GPIO 8) D/C-> GPIO (pin 22, GPIO 25) SCLK-> SPI SCLK (pin 23, GPIO 11) MOSI-> SPI MOSI (pin 19, GPIO 10) 3v3->3v3 GND->GND

  • Hi, I would be surprised if this topic is still active, but how did you manage this with a raspberry pi and luna? I am attempting to do so with the following code, but nothing shows up. I suspect this to be an issue with my SPI communication, but just in case it isn't I was wondering what you managed to do. Thanks!

    From the command line with a RaspPi Zero W, from cd luma.examples

    python3 examples/demo.py --interface spi --gpio-data-command 22 --display ssd1309 --mode 1
  • Hi, how do you change the orientation of the text? i.e. rotate the text to print vertically, instead of horizontally.

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