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  • USB socket has a metal shield. The unused pins would have been shorted together because of the shield. To make it reversible would require additional circuitry to inhibit power and signal on the unused side.

  • While it seem to work, it is easily the crudded build item I've received from Sparkfun. Cold soldering on all through-hole parts on a board that wasn't washed. Please Sparkfun make an awesome clone of this thing. It still seems to be the first fgpa with any community support behind it, so it may still be a reasonable option for something not as vendor specific. The design at least doesn't contain any anti-features, but if I could reasonably make 2 layer boards... I would passed.
    Anyway, back to the confusing land of learning vhdl. Better examples would be nice also.

  • Does anyone know the accuracy of the on-board reference clock? The schematics just list it as a canned oscillator.

  • Iron with SparkFun Logo... you need to make this or at least make stickers available. Surprised it wasn't digital though.