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  • Two questions: 1. Will this board reliably hold the components on its own, like a normal breadboard would do, or are the holes too big for that? 2. Are the holes plated through, or only on the surface?

  • It looks like the scales on the pictures are wrong. This thing is 16mm long, not 32. The width and height isn't 3cm either.

  • The regular ol' EasyDriver uses a different chip with a much lower maximum current rating. They're not actually the same driver.

  • So now that Eagle uses xml, can we expect part libraries and product schemas for other, fully open-source EDA tools (such as gEDA)?

  • I haven't tried it, but there are download links here: http://www.cadsoftusa.com/downloads/

  • Having finally won the prize, I feel rather bad writing this, but I feel that I have to say this.

    Last year I didn't win a lot of money, but I still had lots of fun doing that. So I can say wholeheartedly that last year's Free Day was a major success. But this year, despite having won a bigger prize, I must say I'm disappointed. Not because of the money (the money is great! Thanks!), but because entering capctas for 2.5 hours is no fun at all. And SparkFun without the fun is just.. Sparc.

    I'm all for rewarding your loyal customers and load-testing your servers. But if you're going to do it this way, you might as well just pick some customers randomly, give them the $100, and load-test your servers with a script... I've been a loyal SparkFun customer for 15 months now, and this is the first time I'm disappointed with you. I really hope that next year you'll bring the Fun back into the SparkFun Free Day.

    Anyway, 10x for the prize and keep up the (usually) good work!

  • Indeed. While Eagle is enough for most hobbyists working on small-ish PCBs, it isn't exactly open-source and the free version has some deliberate limitations.
    While there some conversion tools out there, having an official SparkFun parts library for a fully open-source package like gEDA would be really cool. And same for the various product schematics.

  • Sorry, I still prefer the pololu version, which is almost half the price, and 1/4 the size.
    This board does have some extra features over the pololu driver:
    1. Open source.
    2. Extra capacitor on the motor voltage supply, which you have to provide externally for the pololu driver.
    3. Mounting holes (pololu's driver is designed to be plugged on top of another board).
    4. On-board voltage regulator that allows to drive the chip from the motor supply and select 5V or 3.3V for the VCC.
    5. Option for screw headers.
    6. On-board pull-up/pull-down for the MS1 and ENABLE pins. Though you can get pololu's A4988 driver, which has an internal pull-down on MS1.
    7. Defaults to 1/16th step instead of full-step (whether this is a plus or a minus is a matter of taste).
    8. SparkFun red (tm).
    Whether any of this is really necessary, or worth the extra $12, is for you to decide.
    @SparkFun: It would be nice if you add the relevant heatsinks to your product line, so we don't have to look elsewhere.

  • Would love to have slightly bigger ones, say 0.5" length or so. These are so tiny you can barely fit two screw heads on the inner side. If I want to use a nut on the inner side, it's practically impossible...

  • Here's a basic tutorial for EasyDriver v4.2, which should also work with this version:

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