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Chemistry PhD student who finds that he doesn’t like summarizing his days with single words: “research,” “quantum,” and “avoidance.”



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bits of python, labview, basic, c++


Macalester College, St Paul, MN CU Boulder


Materials chemistry, temperature control, project management


Chemistry, running, chocolates & confections, bagpiping, computer gaming, and I am a long-time Lego enthusiast.


www.sweetcapacity.com mtmentat.wordpress.com

  • Woo, we got some hovercraft love in the video! Thanks for an awesome event, as always. We will be back with an updated design in 2016!!

    Also, yeah, Member #144544 is right, there’s something up with your Youtube account currently.

  • The team is on the edges of their seats waiting for the next update. :) Take your time, though, we’re just excited for this year’s event.

  • Ha, I’m sure that someone else faster than us bought them.

  • Would it be possible to get this with the non-SMD Arduino R3 version (or is the picture wrong, and it comes will the DIP-packaged Arduino R3?)?

  • Hmm… I see that you don’t have to shop on SparkFun very often, Emcee. You can actually get 37 alphanumeric displays or 131 multiplexers, if you ignore taxes and shipping and factor in SparkFun’s bulk pricings. ‘Just sayin.

  • Thank you, SparkFun, for another Free Day. Though my tired hands are typing this message more slowly than normal, any frustration felt while punching through many non-productive attempts is gone. I will enjoy many hundreds of hours with my new, $2 (local pickup ftw) Hakko FX-888. I agree that last year’s quiz system is more in line with SparkFun’s stated objective of electronics education, and hope that people aren’t too pissed off about not winning free stuff after lots of captchas. Next year: randomly assigned, electronics-related pop-up questions throughout the day, with a captcha attempt before it allows you to answer the question??

  • Hurray for NOT so early in the year (last year was a bit windy and cold)! Looking forward to some awesome robots and hopefully some good weather to go with it!

  • Miloko in the SparkFun Keg: speeding up the design process and expanding fashion frontiers.

  • Blast chemistry all to hell! ;)
    Would drop by, except for the whole “I’ve got an exam that night” thing.
    Have fun, don’t start any fires Ullr can’t eventually put out.

  • Enjoy Thailand! Always wanted to go… …someday!
    Also, I know we all like chemical weapons and have the two letters “VX” running through our brains 24/7 causing nerve damage, but your board is actually a “RN-XV”. ;)

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