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  • Sparkfun, would you please take another look at the data sheet for this. According to the attached data sheet these have a viewing angle of 20 degrees (not 30 as listed under the product information). Still a great LED though.

  • I too have an issue with this item. I ordered two of them and spent a lot of time trying to figure out why my input kept jumping around on the x axis for both of them but was rock solid for the y axis. Turns out it was this component, I removed them and tested them outside of the circuit and they still gave weird readings on the x axis (at center they had resistance in the mega-ohms. All the way left they gave more or less 0 ohm but sometimes would spike for no reason. All the way right and they would give more or less 10k ohm but would spike for no reason.

    Sparkfun customer service quickly & politely took care of my problem. Its bound to happen from time to time when you buy cheap cheap electronics that you get a dud. I instead bought a replacement off-brand PS2 controller for just a little more than what two of these cost and they seem to work just fine.