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  • The code is exactly as provided on your blog; I put it on my Arduino for a way to quickly get familiar with this shield. My problem is as follows: When the shield is directly connected to the base Uno the code seems to work fine, but when the shield is connected as LCD --> Ethernet --> Uno the code seems to infinitely be looping in refreshing the Sparkfun image with white background (code is still unmodified).

  • Still no response from anyone with any information on this issue? ..Disappointing..

  • ksr,
    I just noticed a similar problem with the LCD shield connected on top of the Ethernet shield. The LCD shield starts up, but there seems to be a loop quickly refreshing the image of the Sparkfun Logo with the white background. This image was tied to the S1 button when the LCD was connected directly to my Uno.

  • I just discovered today that my digital pin 6 does not work on my Uno. Does anyone have any thoughts or similar experience?? Help will be extremely appreciated. Thanks.
    EDIT: Nevermind, silly error on my part.

  • after reading about the power issues on the Pro I've been wondering if this shield would work with the Uno. Can anyone affirm this shield working on the Uno without any problems?
    [EDIT]Additional question: Today was the first time I got to play with my LCD shield. I put Peter D's most recent example sketch successfully (i.e. verified/compiled) on my Uno, but I get absolutely nothing on the screen as if it wasn't connected at all. Help? Also posted in this forum thread.
    [EDIT 2] Solved. A bit of rewiring did the trick.. Not really sure why, but thankful that it did. Thanks for this shield Pete!
    Thanks in advance.

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