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  • Hi. I just want to relay my experiences with this, as I’ve read all the comments here and it seems a lot of people are having problems. I ordered the EasyDriver and stepper motor from Sparkfun. When they arrived, I very carefully hooked everything up and it just vibrated back and forth – similar to what other people are experiencing. I never hooked anything up incorrectly, nor did I ever connect/disconnect the motor when power was applied. It just did not work – plain and simple. In desperation, I ordered another EasyDriver and stepper motor (my son’s science fair was just around the corner!). This time, everything worked right out of the box (thankfully). So I don’t know what the deal is – if some of the EasyDrivers or motors are bad or what, but this has been my experience. So if you are stuck with a vibrating motor, it could be a bad part….

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