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  • YAK Shaving

    Hey Sparkfun! This story was originally told to me by Adam !

    GNU Shaving

    While at MIT you talked at CSAIL about the challenges of being a creative structure. One of the attendee was Richard Stallman, mentionned in the Yak story (Emacs > GCC > Free Software > Free Culture > Freedom > Freelosophy >> GNU Shaving

    Free Animals

    Unlike Seth Godin, I think research is about detours and constant re-configuration of our experiences. All these recursive practices aren’t new (Cybernetics, Bootstrapping, G(NU)). They definitely should be cherished as well as the animals they allow us to discover. Of course, as in many field trips there are many fences such as Copyrights, Datasheets with NDAs, and other commodified knowledge.


    Of course a company like SF has constraints and challenges that may prevent to develop such free fields but maybe there are some hackers in the audience that would like to celebrate the idea of Libre Hardware and Software Design :]

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