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  • From the schematic, i fail to see the necessary RC circuit to create a voltage from the pwm channels (which you so wrongly call analogue outputs). You should definitely clear this up in the User Guide.

    Also D0 and D1 don't appear to be accessible as they are shared with RXD/TXD which go to the FT232.

    Can someone from Sparkfun clear this up?

  • From what i can tell, D0 and D1 will never work. As they are shared with the UART which goes to the FT232R.

  • ^ this man makes alot of sense!

  • How does one use the networking on this if it doesnt have an ethernet port that i can see?

  • chansuke: No dude. I agree. I totally love reinventing the wheel. :p
    In all seriousness, the arduino is very efficient. Some people like to get down and dirty when playing with microcontrollers, and some people just want to play.

    lol its got nothing to do with re-inventing the wheel. You get situations when you have people training to become an engineer and they are learning on arduino's... Using libraries for everything, its like whats the point? You think when you get a job that everything is going to be a library? Heck no!
    Like i said, i dont disagree that the arduino is great, its perfect for begineers, and those quick jobs. But it frustrates me when it goes outside those bounds.

  • Randy: I totally second the comments on trying out the Arduino. I held off for a long time, because I mistakenly thought that Arduino was some weird new language and would somehow make me less of a real programmer if I used it - but not so! It's C++ and all the low-level stuff is still there if you want to do it but also a lot of libraries are there in case you don't.
    It's not perfect but once you try I suspect you'll like it and it's just a much more efficient way to get things done.

    Arduino's frustrate me. Dont get me wrong, your right they are great for beginners. But, i think ultimately, they lead to people being lazy as far as getting down into the dirt and writing there own drivers for some of the most basic functions, like spi and i2c controllers.
    You end up with these people that try to write software for stuff they dont understand and start complaining when it doesnt work correctly, or one of Sparkfun's sheilds doesnt match perfectly for there application, therefore making it useless to them!
    Just my 2 cents :P

  • I couldnt agree more! The focal point is way to close to the board, and they are unconfortable. I was hoping there would be a picture of someone wearing one so i could see if im doing it wrong, but there isnt :(
    devlinse: Perhaps I'm using this wrong, but the head band is neither comfortable or particularly supportive and while it certainly magnifies effectively, the focal point is about 2" so it's no good for soldering - your nose is very close to the iron.
    As such it's very much an inspection tool.

  • should those two giro boards be attached to the main board some other way?
    for more accuracy, so the flex in the headers doesnt affect your readout. not sure how much a difference would make tho.

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