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  • Excellent. Thanks!

  • Where can I find the Eagle file for this board?

  • This was perfect. Thanks!

  • Seems like that would be A LOT of string manipulation. There is no way of "easily" determining the the day number of the current year to be able to "easily" get to a unit of seconds. I would have to figure out what month it is, and then count, in a very specific way, to determine which day (0-364) it is. No? Am I missing something?

  • Any idea how to (easily) calculate duration using this RTC? I can't track down a function that would let me subtract a start date and time from the retrieved date and time. I want something similar to:
    duration = millis() - startTime;

  • Does anyone know how to programatically access the heartbeat signal detection? There is an LED that illuminates on the PCB every time the HRMI detects a pulse from the Polar monitor. <br />
    <br />
    Basically, how can I do something every time that LED pulses? Thanks!

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