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  • I got it back!!! I held down the reset button and quickly pressed it a few times (in desperation) and maybe crossed some other wires with tears, but I saw the blue LED flash! Then the board came up on my Mac and I am back in business! I'll probably should order a second board for a backup, this is a great dev board!

  • Hi guys, so... I may have (I did) hooked up an LCD powered by the 5V USB power on the board and then hooked up the logic lines directly.. to the 3.3V board. Dang it. So now the charge LED flickers slightly for a few seconds when powered on and the board is not recognized. As someone who has been in this game for a while, that was a dumb mistake. My question is: anyway to fix this besides replacing the SAMD21 IC? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you. At least the good news is that they are in stock! :)

  • Thank you!

  • Snow Invaders!!! Winning!!! I got 108,900, then I had to get going, but I had fun goofing off for a bit! Merry Christmas guys!

  • I'm literally crying laughing right now.. I HATE those dang T.P.S. reports, but I do love me some lunch meat roll.. You took one for the team in the name of fun Robert, good for you. I saw you breathing and then trying to keep a straight face. :D

  • Can't say enough good things about OSH Park, they have done a great job and I have ordered hundred's of boards with dozens of designs. I have never been unhappy with the service or boards I get from them. Was ordering boards from Dorkbot PDX before OSH Park and Laen has always been awesome to work with.

  • Nice video, thanks for sharing. Oh, and don't attempt to listen with headphones. 0_0

    (it hertz)

  • Great job Nick, great example of a use for a square wave. :)

  • No torches or pitchforks here, me and my 8 year old son always enjoy watching these vids. I like the projects better than the question, but still enjoy both. ;)

    Blinging out a guitar with LED's controlled by frequency response? Do I smell an MSGEQ7 in the near future? Please say it is so. :)

  • Love the "clearing of the table" and the "I'm done with this new product, now chuck it". That's funny, I don't care who you are.

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