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The headline or title is the most important piece of content to be included in the proposal. It should tell assessors exactly what you plan to do and how in just one sentence. This might seem tough, but think of it as a statement where you have to convince consumers to buy a product. You would have to present the one piece of information that would convince them to buy. Similarly, the research papers writing should have the most valid reason in the title. It should be able to demonstrate that you have adequate knowledge of the topic to be able to complete the essay assignment.

A brief summary should follow the title, which would include the thesis statement, a breakdown of how research would be conducted, and relevant research content. It would be a good idea to include pictures, graphics, and other media content. For example, an audio or video clip could be included to describe graphics. Your aim should be to write a custom essay.

Students get stuck with the thesis statement. The ideal way to write a thesis statement is to follow the pattern of a good heading. For example, the research could be about photosynthesis. We know that it is the process of converting light energy into chemical energy. The heading could be, “The process of photosynthesis in a plant leaf – From Sunlight to Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).” This is a compelling headline that tells assessors you have adequate knowledge of the topic. Other students who follow the same subject would also be able to follow the statement.

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