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  • Hi.
    I'm running the Firmware V1.3 (FW.SFE file into the zip file) and having an issue with the accelerometer readings in the CVS files: they are out of range by far.
    UTC, X, Y, Z, Batt;
    224817, 65514, 65272, 65530, 3666;
    224817, 65511, 65269, 65528, 3666;
    224817, 65514, 65271, 65529, 3672;
    I would expect numbers in the (-127,127) range, but the data is in the range of (0,65535)!
    In the other hand, the GPS works fine.
    As additional info, the problem was present since the beginning. Also, right out of the box, the config file was not set with the default parameters (config menu and BT were set to 1)
    Any hints?
    Thanks in advance!

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