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  • I received this meter, and it seems to be working fine, but the first time I took it off the bench I hear something rattling around inside. I assumed it was a screw, but it's a small metal ball. Does anyone know where it belongs? Perhaps it's used for the dial. The dial seems to turn fine though, so should I not be concerned?

  • Working on it! I'll post it to Thingiverse when done.

  • Love the Teensy! It's an awesome board. I've used dozens of them in projects. :)

  • I've used over 50 of these buttons and only had an issue with one being way to sensitive. The others were just fine.

  • Well, I submitted the first answer (correctly I might add) four times, but none of them registered. I'm not bitter. :) Thanks to SparkFun for doing this, and for doing it for charity as well.

  • Did the EggBot actually draw on the soda can? I thought I head read that it could not draw on cylindrical objects but needed spherical objects instead.