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  • Not sure if this is going to be much help.
    Many years ago I worked at a metallurgical test lab. They basically tested samples of metal under high tensional stress along with high temperature. There was a guy whose sole job was building thermocouples that would sit inside a furnace to measure the temperature of the specimen under test.
    He would take two pieces of dissimilar wire and spot weld them at one end to form the hot junction. To insulate the two pieces of wire from each other and from the outside world, he would thread ceramic beads onto the two wires.
    Each ceramic bead was cylinder shaped, about 6mm in height and about 4mm in diameter. There were two small holes running through the cylinder.
    The finished thermocouple was very fragile and needed great care during installation. It resembled a necklace of pearls. The goal though was that it could stand extremely high temperatures and was somewhat flexible for routing out of the furnace.
    I’m afraid that I have no idea where to source the ceramic beads, or the bare al/ch wire to make a K thermocouple from scratch.

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